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Background[ edit ] The fundamental stone of Brasilia, Hill of the Centenary, released in the year of the celebrations of the years of the independence of Brazil in From until , Rio de Janeiro was Brazil’s capital. At this time, resources tended to be centered in Brazil’s southeast region near Rio de Janeiro and most of its population was concentrated near to the Atlantic Coast. An article of the country’s first republican constitution dating back to stated the capital should be moved from Rio de Janeiro to a place close to the country’s center. The bill was not enacted because Pedro I dissolved the Assembly. Costa’s plan was not as detailed as some of the plans presented by other architects and city planners, it did not include land use schedules, models, population charts or mechanical drawings, however, it was chosen by five out of six jurors because it had the features required to align the growth of a capital city [10] Even though the initial plan was transformed over time, his plan oriented much of the construction and most of its features survived. Brasilia’s possession as the new capital and its representation of the conquest of an extensive region in Brazil inspired the symbolism of the plan; Costa, uses a cross-axial design indicating the possession and conquest of this new place with a cross [11] often described by some as a dragonfly, an airplane or a bird. The Monumental Axis designated for political and administrative activities is considered the body of the city with the style and simplicity of its buildings, its oversized scales, broad vistas and heights, producing the idea of Monumentality. This axis includes ministries, the national congress, and the television and radio tower.


The Mets have seen many of their top youngsters advance to the majors the past few seasons, but they still have a solid base on the farm. A glimpse at the top Mets’ prospects in July 2, by Mets Born: If Rosario lives up to expectations, that could be a steal. Rosario is a four-tool player with plus grades in everything except power, but he’s started to improve in that area.

With his contact skills and defensive prowess, even if he has just average pop, Rosario can be the Mets’ starting shortstop for years to come.

Painting reattributed, ‘in the manner of John Constable’ or ‘follower of John Constable’ and evaluated.

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Share One of the seven capital sins. In general it means disinclination to labour or exertion. As a capital or deadly vice St. Father Rickaby aptly translates its Latin equivalent acedia Gr. A man apprehends the practice of virtue to be beset with difficulties and chafes under the restraints imposed by the service of God.

Rosario is a four-tool player with plus grades in everything except power, but he’s started to improve in that area.

Weakening Hurricane Irma has submerged streets, knocked out power to millions and snapped massive construction cranes over Miami’s skyline as the storm continues to move north along Florida’s west coast. At least one person has been killed in the US as tens of thousands take to shelter The storm system has been downgraded to category one Irma is expected to cause billions of dollars in damage to the third biggest US state The eye of the storm, now downgraded to category one, is moving towards the highly populated Tampa Bay area, where residents are fearing the worst.

Tampa Bay is particularly vulnerable because the bay acts as a funnel for storm surges, forcing water into narrow channels with nowhere else to go. All of southern Florida felt the storm’s effects, with at least one man killed, a woman forced to deliver her own baby and trees and apartment towers swaying in high winds. The storm, one of the most powerful ever recorded in the Atlantic , made landfall on Sunday as a category four storm with kph winds in the Florida Keys off the state’s southern tip at 9: Irma headed for the state’s west coast with kph winds and storm surges — water driven ashore by the winds — of up to 4.

Look back on our live blog to track how Hurricane Irma made landfall. Irma made second landfall at Marco Island just south of Naples, in the state’s southwest, as a category three storm with kph winds before being downgraded to category two a short time later. A storm surge of more than 2 metres in 90 minutes was reported from Naples, while forecasts predicted waters could rise to 4.


Share Known as Albert the Great; scientist, philosopher, and theologian, born c. He is called “the Great”, and “Doctor Universalis” Universal Doctor , in recognition of his extraordinary genius and extensive knowledge, for he was proficient in every branch of learning cultivated in his day, and surpassed all his contemporaries, except perhaps Roger Bacon , in the knowledge of nature.

Ulrich Engelbert, a contemporary, calls him the wonder and the miracle of his age: Nothing certain is known of his primary or preparatory education, which was received either under the paternal roof or in a school of the neighbourhood.

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And this can lead to a lot of financial and emotional trauma. Don’t behave here differently then you would where you are from.

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Find the desktops you need with our buying advice and top-rated products. The Right PCs to Power Your Business Business desktops may not be the hottest players in the PC market, but in terms of the actual number of units the big manufacturers ship each year, they represent a significant segment. You can still write a novel on a typewriter, shoot photographs with film, or play music live and record it with a DAT deck, but very few businesses can get their work done without PCs.

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His hitting and power tools don’t stack up, though, with below-average grades in both.

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Blame it on the politics… peoples were in the streets marching like lemmings, carrying flags, chanting, fighting, singing… some folks were even throwing rocks at the ex-presidents car parade when he came to visit town.

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Ancient times[ edit ] Archaeological finds unearthed in the Badajoz area have been dated to the Bronze Age. Megalithic tombs are dated as far back as BC, [1] while many of the steles found are from the Late Bronze Age. Archaeological excavations have revealed remnants from the Lower Paleolithic period. From the 8th century, the Umayyad dynasty controlled the region until the early 11th century. In or possibly [10] , it became the capital of a small Muslim kingdom, the Taifa of Badajoz ; [4] with some 25, inhabitants.

I had an evening date with Sunshine planned but took her home with me anyway because, well… she was there basically and I had a few hours to spare.

Researched – Evaluated Thomas Sydney Cooper: Researched and identified as misattributed. Completed, legitimate posthumous re strike. Painting reattributed, ‘in the manner of John Constable’ or ‘follower of John Constable’ and evaluated. Dignam – Autumn scene in Canada. Date of paper stock and inscribed date of execution differ. Dirck van den Bergen: Old master art authentication investigations completed. Authenticated and attributed Julius Olsson: Manner of Rembrandt — Painting attribution investigation Completed.

Sustained as manner of. But bearing a fake signature by another hand. Old Master Painting attributed:

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