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Vows of poverty result: Believing that to get to God you have to go through a priest result: The forbidding of marriage for people who serve God result: Praying to dead people result: Naming churches after dead saints result: A simple personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Bible is all you need.

Immaculate Conception

Ed Broom, OMV Flashy billboards, provocative dress and apparel, Hollywood fashions spread far and wide, suggestive innuendos, off-colored jokes, indecent movies, and the ever-present danger of the Internet to visit the numerous and poisonous websites—all of these and a plethora of other alluring and seductive temptations can trap even the best of us into falling into the sin against the virtue of purity.

In a certain sense, the world can be depicted as a moral land-mine, where at every turn and corner in the road there is an immoral spiritual bomb that can be stepped on and explode! Let us be honest and to the point—we live in a society of dangerous and often pernicious images. We live in a pornographic society! One of the subsequent messages of Our Lady to the world at large referred to the salvation as well as perdition of humanity.

Spiritual Arms to Win the Battle for Purity 1.

The letter ascribed to him, which contains the Helsin narrative, is spurious.

Theodotus of Ancyra Or. The absolute purity of Mary Patristic writings on Mary’s purity abound. The Fathers call Mary the tabernacle exempt from defilement and corruption Hippolytus , “Ontt. Sabae ; she was formed without any stain St. Proclus , “Laudatio in S. The Syrian Fathers never tire of extolling the sinlessness of Mary. Ephraem considers no terms of eulogy too high to describe the excellence of Mary’s grace and sanctity:

10 Ways to Win the Battle for Purity

John the Baptist , whilst it was immeasurably beneath that of her Divine Son.

The Bible is Catholic

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Jesus would be the center of her life, her all and all.

The Bible is Catholic

Bobby Peter the first pope said in Acts 4:

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