New NSW cycling fines and metre passing laws: what you need to know for March 1

It is located right in the centre of Scandinavia and has a rich history of trade and shipping and its port remains the largest in the region. Hvide Sande, Denmark There are many attractions in the Hvide Sande area, from the tall dunes that separate the fjord from the sea to surfing and a tour of the local whisky distillery. The nearby Skerne Enge national park is located on the delta of the Skerne River which can be crossed using small cable-boat crossings. A little bit further on you will find the Tipperne Peninsula which is the largest bird habitat in Northern Europe. Photo by Debbie L. As such it is very popular among sightseers and is the most visited natural tourist attractions in the country.

‘Death trap?’ Seattle streetcar tracks deadly to cyclists

But why do they flock in their tens of thousands to this, the largest of the Balearic islands, each year? The road to Cap de Formentor Credit: Schoenfeld “Majorca is a special place to cycle because the weather is good and you can find flat terrain or mountains; Majorca offers riders of different abilities good opportunities.

It’s madness,’ Mr Hore said.

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‘Death trap?’ Seattle streetcar tracks deadly to cyclists

What Philly should do about bike-lane safety Readers respond Parking-protected bike lanes are considered among the safest designs for cyclists because they separate bikes from moving traffic. Still, Ryerson, a University of Pennsylvania professor of city and regional planning, wanted a more scientific way to quantify that feeling of safety. The research is only in a pilot stage now, but with enough data Ryerson believes the glasses could be used to improve street design by making it more in tune with the way people see and react to a city environment.

I first entered the Transcontinental Race in because I have this fairly compulsive need to always look for a tougher challenge.

Daniel Ricciardo says he will reconsider road cycling. I never knew him, met him personally, but I followed his career for a long time. I do do some road cycling but whether I will keep doing it I honestly don’t know. Maybe somewhere up in the hills somewhere, secluded from traffic, but otherwise I have certainly been put off it. The year-old American’s death came just over a month after Giro d’Italia winner Michele Scarponi died when hit by a truck while on a training ride in Filottrano, Italy.

Advertisement Former Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber was also seriously injured in while on a charity bike ride in Tasmania.

Cyclists’ high-visibility jackets ‘increase odds of crash’

Share this article Share He denied the charges but was found guilty following a trial at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on June West Midlands Police’s ‘Give Space Be Safe’ scheme was launched last September and sees plain clothed cops pedalling the region’s busiest roads on the lookout for motorists. Almost offenders have been pulled over during the operation and police have prosecuted 13 drivers.

It kind of depends what country [you’re in],” Ricciardo said.

Share this article Share ‘Even though there is a cycling lane there are no requirements for them to stay in the cycling lane,’ Sergeant Buckley said. The footage begins with Mr Dennis beeping his horn at the riders, who have consumed the entire street. They seem undaunted by his request for them to move over, with some pointing at speed limit signs and others holding their hands up questioning his intent.

A cycling lane on the right side of the road appears to have an arrow pointing in the opposite direction, but it still remains empty and with sufficient space for the group to move into. Mr Dennis continues to lightly tap his horn, but the riders, still riding three abreast, do not move over. Eventually the road becomes two-way, and another cycling lane opens up on the left of the road.

However, only half of the group immediately enter the lane Eventually the road becomes two-way, and another cycling lane opens up on the left of the road. However, only half of the group immediately enter the lane. The group then all move into the dedicated lane, finally allowing Mr Dennis to pass, but not before they exchange words one last time. As the group of riders pass two people on horses, a car can be seen dangerously passing the cyclists, narrowly missing the riders and the animals.

Edward Hore, the president of the Australian Cycling Alliance, told Daily Mail Australia the car had been travelling behind the cyclists for ‘seconds’ before performing the move. You can see his back wheels pop up. It’s madness,’ Mr Hore said.

Penn team seeks to make streets safer by keeping an eye on cyclists’ eyes

Van driver caught swerving into cyclist in helmet-cam video After the leader of the group confronted him about his behaviour he chased after him, hit his bike and knocked him off into a hedge during the incident on 26 July last year. Prosecutor Peter Bettany told the court: This seemed to annoy the defendant even more and he drove within inches of the lead rider eventually hitting his back tyre and sending him off his bike and into the side of the road.

Started in with only seven participants, the day is now marked in over 60 cities around the world.

Wednesday 18 October A survey of more than 2, people found almost two-thirds 59 per cent backed the introduction of number plates for cyclists. In Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said cyclists should have the same identification as drivers so they can be prosecuted for jumping red lights.

A change in the law would be required for number plates to become mandatory on bicycles, as the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act only provides for the registration of mechanically propelled vehicles. Sam Jones, Cycling UK campaigner, said: On a practical level, cycles change owners very frequently and are more likely to belong to children than to adults, unlike motor vehicles.

Penn team seeks to make streets safer by keeping an eye on cyclists’ eyes

Some bike parts have a date code cast or stamped into the piece. This clearly is when the component was made and not when the bike was made, but unless the component or bike manufacturer had lots of stock lying around in inventory, the date should be a fairly good indication of the year of the bike. At least it would be the earliest date that the bike could have been made.

All you have to do is stick a pair of headphones in your ear before hopping on your bike and people will act like you just signed your own death warrant.

Cyclists in early morning CBD traffic in Sydney. Nick Moir What’s this about an exemption on dividing lines? If it is safe to do so, drivers can cross centre dividing lines or continuous lane-dividing lines to overtake a cyclist. They can also drive on painted islands and dividing strips to pass a bicycle, when safe to do so.

If it’s not safe, drivers must slow down and wait until there is enough space to pass. Advertisement Won’t that mean increased head-on collisions?

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Do you have a secret to riding well? I actually hate competition. The inaugural TCR was my first experience with ultra racing, but to me it was just a ride. I ride my own ride. I listen to my body.

Travelers were warned of dangerous roads conditions, with Highways England advising road users to pack shovels, food and water if they do venture out.

Nov 21, Is riding with headphones really such a big deal? America is a strange place. From bloomers to hip hop to the iPhone, we’ve been the driving force of cultural change for much of the world. At the same time, we can be profoundly uptight—and there are few things we’re more uptight about than riding bikes. Granted, we mostly get cycling as an athletic pursuit, but we’re considerably less comfortable when confronted with people riding bikes who appear to be You know, cruising around in a carefree fashion, like Pee-wee Herman before his bike got stolen.

Ours is a land of skyscrapers and mountains and big cars and guns, so when we see someone who is simultaneously vulnerable and at ease with his or her own vulnerability, we feel contempt for them.

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