Watch as Penzance Tesco security guard ‘manhandles’ alleged female shoplifter sparking debate

The incident unfolded outside the Tesco superstore in Penzance on Thursday evening November Local resident Nick Collins was shopping at Tesco when he captured the incident on his mobile phone. Read More In the video, a security guard employed by Tesco can be seen outside the shop entrance restraining a woman who allegedly stole from the store. Read More Overwhelming support for Tesco security guard filmed restraining alleged female shoplifter in Penzance The guard then picks up the woman and drags her into the store against her will, to detain her until the police arrive at the scene. Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed officers attended the store after a woman in her late 20s was detained at the store. She was then arrested for shoplifting and assault. And debate subsequently broke out on the social media site. The woman is detained by a security guard outside the store Mr Collins said: I wouldn’t have thought so, and even if she had stolen something I’m more bothered by how the situation was handled.

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History Ardglass and Lecale History Our local history has many thrilling tales, filled with amazing characters and events who have contributed to our heritage. On this page we encourage people to add to our collective knowledge or read fascinating contributions from local people. This hill is artificial and there is little doubt that this mound was raised as a monument to a warrior, bard or chief in pre-history.

Ardglass has been a fishing port for more than two thousand years and developed as such due to its location on the east coast of Lecale and its sitting by a natural inlet. We have added to it between June and November Suggestions for improvement or corrections to — cadogan enright.

The most punitive restrictions arose in Poynings’ Law of

However, in the interests of continuity we might include a later picture. If you are interested in contributing and seeing your work on the net then please let us have your material. You will be fully credited and you can state copyright. It is important that the material is your own work or that of a member of your family who approves or would approve of your action. Please state who took the original picture. You will be listed as the contributor and as such take responsibility for the material submitted.

St Michael’s Mount

Beginnings[ edit ] Tablet on the YMCA in Montreal With regard to the history and purpose of the founding, this “organization and its female counterpart YWCA were established to provide low-cost housing in a safe Christian environment for rural young men and women journeying to the cities. The YMCA “combined preaching in the streets and the distribution of religious tracts with a social ministry. Philanthropists saw them as places for wholesome recreation that would preserve youth from the temptations of alcohol, gambling, and prostitution and that would promote good citizenship.

He and his colleagues were concerned about the lack of healthy activities for young men in major cities; the options available were usually taverns and brothels. Williams’s idea grew out of meetings he held for prayer and Bible-reading among his fellow-workers in a business in the city of London, [3] and on 6 June , he founded the first YMCA in London with the purpose of “the improving of the spiritual condition of young men engaged in the drapery, embroidery , and other trades.

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Chapel Rock, on the beach, marks the site of a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary , where pilgrims paused to worship before ascending the mount. Many antiquities, comprising plate armour, paintings and furniture, are preserved at the castle. Several houses are built on the hillside facing Marazion , and a spring provides a natural flow of water. There is a row of eight houses at the back of the present village; built in they are known as Elizabeth Terrace.

Some of the houses are occupied by staff working in the castle and elsewhere on the island. The mount’s cemetery currently no public access contains the graves of former residents of the island and several drowned sailors.

Penzance Cornwall

They can be called to serious crashes, building collapses and terror incidents Paramedics and firefighters share life-saving skills with the aim of saving more people. Previously, in hazardous environments such as collapsed buildings or quarry rescues, paramedics were treated as if they were civilians rather than trained individuals. It is hoped the skill share will result in the quicker and more efficient treatment of patients.

Skills are being shared by the emergency services Two emergency services have begun an exchange programme to share life-saving skills.

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Penzance is famous for its family friendly holiday beaches. It is also the regional centre to West Cornwall, acting as a gateway to the beautiful beaches and stunning landscape that makes this region of Cornwall one of the most popular destinations in the country. Penzance is also the main departure point for people travelling to the Isles of Scilly , which lie just off of the Corish coast at Lands End. An attractive market town that developed from a small fishing village, sheltered by a rocky headland – located in the area of the present day Quay.

Born in Penzance Penzance owes its name ‘holy headland’ from the Cornish pen and sans to the small rocky headland to the south of the harbour and the chapel which once stood just inland on or close to the site of the present church. The main shopping area is located around the Causeway Head pedestrian precinct and the well known Market Jew Street with its raised granite walkway and statue of Sir Humphry Davy. For a small Cornish market town, there is a good selection of shops and stores, catering to a range of tastes.

This area of Penzance also has all the major Banks and a main Post Office, as well as a good selection of bars and restaurants around Chapel street.


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Ardglass was the scene of many bloody skirmishes until the Cromwellian regiment of Sir James Montgomery took possession of Lecale including Ardglass around as part of the Cromwellian re-conquest of the Country.

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A later view from a postcard looking in much the same direction.

Devon and Cornwall Live: As it happened

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Ardglass and Lecale History

These programmes became very popular.

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